Activities Not to Miss !

Here are our favourite things to see and do in the Chincoteague and Assateague Area
Have a look around as we have included photos, videos, information and links.
They are in no particular order.


Kids never get tired of checking the crab traps!   

The excitement of catching blue claw crabs is the all time favorite family activity for guests of Spinnaker Waterfront.

Besides teamwork, the kids learn some science about crustaceans –  they can run fast!   One of the local festivals even had crab races that you could place bets on. 


Spring and Fall Pony Round-Ups

In addition to the famous Pony  Round-Up and Pony Swim held each July, there’s always a Spring and  Fall Weekend Round-ups for the ponies health check-ups. 

These are a lot of fun for families as they are not crowded and the little ones can enjoy seeing the ponies not just being rounded up  but exciting to wait at the corral for them to come galloping in.    The Volunteer Saltwater Cowboys are generous with their time for photo taking with kids with the ponies.

Spring Pony Round-Up

We’ll be glad to email you the dates of these Round-ups once the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department announces the dates.

Drive on the Assateague Beach

All you need is a 4 wheel drive vehicle and to buy a permit from the Rangers.  Some families spend a full day with the car on the beach loaded with rafts, surf fishing equipment, buckets, shovels, beach umbrellas and chairs and naturally a cooler and some sandwiches or even some hot dogs and burgers to grill at one of the public grills and picnic tables for visitors.

Don’t forget your swim suits.  There are bathrooms and showers to rinse off.  Many families stay to watch the sunset over Tom’s Cove, so might be a good idea to toss in  your sweatshirts.

Climb The Light House

Check with the Rangers in the nearby  Herb Bateman Visitor Center for times and tickets.

Assateaguelight house

The top of the light house is a great place for taking a ‘selfie’ …. see if you can get a shot with the shadow of the light house in the photo with you!

On weekends they’re often artists showing their work in the oil shed adjoining the lighthouse.   It’s just a short walk from the parking lot to it.

Don’t miss the Chincoteague Museum on Chincoteague Island where you can see the original light from the Assateague Light House.


Surf Fishing and BBQ Your Dinner on Assateague VA Beach!

Surf Fishing is one of the most popular activities when families vacation on Chincoteague and spend a day on Assateague.


Several sections of the southern section of Assateague National Seashore are popular with surf fishermen.

  • Families with young children enjoy parking their car behind the sand dunes where surf fishing is near the life guarded beach.
  • Others enjoy parking in less crowded areas.
  • And if it’s ORV season, families will drive on the beach in their 4-wheel drive vehicle with a proper permit and pick an even more secluded spot.

What’s more fun than catchings your dinner & Grilling it on the BBQ at the beach?

Serious fishermen and families staying on Chincoteague Island often spend an entire day on Assateague. 

  • There’s plenty of parking behind the sand dunes.
  • There’s bathrooms and changing areas.
  • It’s easy to just toss a cooler in your trunk with beverages and snacks.
  • There’s picnic tables and BBQ Grills.
  • Don’t forget to pack another cooler with ice to put your fresh catch in!

Rocket Launch at NASA

You’ll see the Wallops Island NASA base and Visitor Center along the causeway  just before you reach Chincoteague Island.

It’s a fantastic place to take the whole family with lots of  interactive exhibits and rocket ships to see up close.  Perfect for a rainy day, but even if you have perfect weather don’t miss it.

There are often several rocket launches from Wallops each year, so be sure to check their launch schedule on-line to see if you can coordinate a launch with your family’s vacation.

Island Creamery Ice Cream

The most Popular place on Chincoteague Island is the Island Creamery!

light house

Young and old alike enjoy the 30 flavors of the most delicious ice cream, whether in a cone, dish, milkshake or ice cream soda.   But one sniff of the freshly made waffle cones often change customers minds after they enter.  Sometimes it hard to get a parking spot but it’s worth while ….even if the line is long.      The owner Kelly Conklin runs a well organized business with plenty of friendly help.  Many guests enjoy stopping for ice cream when they’re walking from shop to shop in town or on their way home from the beach.  You will not be disappointed guaranteed!


So many different types of boats enjoy the waters of Chincoteague & Assateague VA!

Fishing from boat

Kayaks and Canoes enjoy the shallower back bays whether rented or brought by visitors;  and sea kayakers enjoy the ocean; Charter & Head Boats with Captains will take your party out to the Atlantic Ocean or their favorite fishing spots in channels between Chincoteague and Assateague or into Chincoteague Bay; Families and Fishermen bring their own boats;  Visitors can rent boats with motors for half or full days; There’s wave runners and speed boats with water skiers; Paddle Boards and Boogie boards are popular in many areas.

Many families rent waterfront vacation rental homes with docks for their boat, or to launch their canoe and kayaks, and with safe areas for the kids to swim, boogie board, and paddle board.    There’s also marina’s where boats can be parked, many boat launch area — Oyster Bay Section I Community where Spinnaker Waterfront – The Ponyisland Vacation Rental Home is located has a private boat launch area for guests staying in homes in the community.    There’s also popular places for supplies and Bait like Captain Steve’s who also runs Fishing Tournaments.


The best kayaking around Chincoteague Virginia is in the shallower back bays and lagoons where kayakers can enjoy viewing more wildlife.

Guests staying in Spinnaker Waterfront vacation rental aka: The Ponyisland House  can not only ‘kayak out’ from the private boat dock but also store their kayaks and equipment safely in a large locked storage area that also has room for bikes.  It’s where owners store beach chairs and boogie boards and BBQ equipment for their guests to use. Even guests who don’t kayak enjoy watching kayaks paddle by. 

Bicycling Through the Wildlife Refuge

One of the safest and most popular areas to bike when staying on Chincoteague Island VA is the Wildlife Loop in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on Assateague Island Virginia.

There’s several places to rent bicycles on Chincoteague.  All types of bikes are available —  with car seats; with carts for your child or maybe even your pet; there’s tandem bikes for 2; and even small sports cars and tiny jeeps.     The wildlife loop is closed to cars until 3 PM each day, so it’s popular with vacationing families especially with younger children who are just learning to ride a bike.  What better place is there to learn to ride a bike? …. a safe area with no vehicles  while mom and dad are on vacation and have the time to spend teaching, running alongside, or to take the training wheels off when they gain a little confidence? And the bonus might be to see a wild pony, but there will be lots of birds.  There’s an Eagle’s next with young each year, lots of blue herons, white egrets, and more!

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