Enjoy the Best & Freshest Seafood

Crab on Spinnaker porch

Chincoteague Island Virginia in one of the best places in the word for delicious fresh seafood!  You’ll find the famous Chincoteague Salt Oysters,  large deliciously sweet blue claw crabs which most agree are sweeter than lobster, soft shell crabs,  various clams,  shrimp,  and some of the best crab and clam chowders you ever had.

Chincoteague has several seafood type Festivals each year.  Since 1968 there’s been a  Chincoteague Seafood Festival . It’s held on a Saturday early in May.  Who wouldn’t enjoy this menu?

Chincoteague Seafood Festival Menu

Columbus Weekend is also known as Oyster Festival Weekend to locals since 1972.   It celebrates the opening of the Oyster Season and Oyster options include fried, on the half shell, fritters, and steamed.  There’s clam chowder, clam fritters, shrimp cocktail, a salad bar, boardwalk fries, hushpuppies, hot dogs, water, soft drinks, coffee, and hot chocolate. Beer and desserts are also available for purchase. This is the event for you if you’re a fan of seafood!    You can read more and see photos on Resorts and Lodges website.

Chincoteague Seafood Festival Menu

Great Seafood Restaurants and Cooked to Order Fresh Seafood Take-out

TripAdvisor names  Top places for fresh  Seafood, here’s a few to sample:

Don’s Seafood Restaurant – “Fresh delicious seafood”, “Chowder delight.”    AJ’s on the Creek  – “Outstanding Seafood Experience.”   Etta’s Channel Side Restaurant: “Scenic Waterfront Dining. Fresh Seafood …”   Village Restaurant:  “Excellent Seafood.”  Bills Seafood Restaurant: “Imperial Crab stuffed grouper was amazing”   Steamers Restaurant : “Delicious Seafood”

Best Take Out Restaurants:  Captain Zacks Seafood: “Awesome Seafood. ”   Gary Howard Seafood is also a fresh seafood store: “Excellent Seafood and Friendly staff”   

Dons Restaurant and some others also do “Take Out”

Why  Not Try Catching Your Dinner? ........ Lots More Fun!

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How can I catch my dinner when vacationing on Chincoteague and  Assateague Island you ask?         

Digging for Clams on Assateague is fun and the Rangers in the Visitor Centers will provide lots of advice for digging up the razor,  quahog, and  soft-shell clams.    All you need is a clam rake and a basket or bucket and start looking for keyholes in the wet sand.

Surf Fishing on the Assateague National Seashore is a great way to catch your meal while the rest of the family enjoys the beach.  Assateague’s undeveloped  barrier beach island is ideal for surf casting  with all it’s sandbars and drop-offs where your bait drop in and out of the surf to attract the salt water fish of all shapes and sizes from flounder, to black drum.  No  permit needed for daytime summer surf fishi ng.

Crabbing is fun for the whole f amily on Chincoteague and Assateague.  You can use a net, a  weighted string with bait, and various size and type of crab traps and nets.


Crabing at Spinnakers dock

The best part is eating your fresh just caught dinner!